What is Circle of Security?

Circle of Security is an internationally recognized, evidence based parenting program that aims to build the relational bond between parents and children. It is based on attachment theory research, which has found that children with secure attachment with their caregivers have increased empathy, greater self-esteem, better relationships with parents and peers, enhanced school readiness, and increased capacity to manage emotions when compared with children who are not secure.

Circle of Security provides parents with a road map to better understand their child’s behaviour, so that they are able to support their child’s needs. It also offers a safe environment for parents to identify their parenting strengths and weaknesses, and benefit from sharing with other parents in the group.

Who is this group for: Parents with children between the ages of 2 to 16 years

Package Details

  • Compulsory Initial Consultation and Assessment with Psychologist: $170 nett
  • 7 session package: $560 nett for 7 sessions


How Is the Group conducted?

  • 7 sessions (Excluding initial consultation and assessment)
  • COS parenting DVD would be utilized to engage parents
  • Starting 17th May 2016.
  • Groups offered on Tues 4-5pm, Wed 11-12pm (days and time may change based on demand).
  • Minimum group size of 3 and Maximum of 4
  • For parents with children between the ages of 2 to 10 years


Contact us at 6397 6627 or 6397 6966 or email to