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What are development delays?
Every child usually achieves certain skills by an expected time period, passing what we call developmental milestones. But if a child isn’t able to walk by 24 months, or a 4-year old has not started talking, this may be a cause for concern. Delays may hint at an underlying problem, which can be improved if detected early.
Delays may occur in any of the following: gross motor, fine motor, speech and language, cognitive/ intellectual, and/or social and emotional development. The cause may be genetic (e.g. Downs Syndrome), problems at pregnancy and at birth and problems acquired after birth (e.g. hearing loss from recurrent ear infections). Sometimes the causes are unknown.
Will my child catch up after some time?
Each child develops at a different pace. Some children may show a delay in development but later progress on at a normal rate. There are also some children whose delays are more persistent and may develop developmental and learning disabilities later on.
Diagnosis and Treatment
A child development specialist usually makes the diagnosis following guidelines of developmental milestones. Treatment involves using targeted interventions to help the child overcome the delay. For example, if the child has not learnt how to walk, a paediatrician’s consultation is crucial to assess the cause of the delay and physiotherapy is conducted to help the child strengthen his or her muscles that are required for walking.

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