Executive Functioning Skills Building Summer Program

Train your brain for success 11-16

Our Executive Functioning Skills Building Program helps children learn practical ways to improve skills related to memory, planning, organization, emotional regulation, and time management. Parents also learn adjustments they can make at home, such as creating a homework area free of distractions or finding ways to keep their child motivated. This program offers short-term training to give children the tools they need to help them initiate and complete tasks, problem-solve, and control their behaviors and emotions. The program is designed for children ages 10-16, with or without a diagnosis of ADHD.


The program is based on proven treatment strategies and offers these 8 modules that can be tailored to your child’s needs:

Emotional Regulation – Expressing feelings appropriately to achieve goals

Inhibition – The ability to stop a behavior at the appropriate time

Initiation – Starting tasks independently and staying motivated

Planning/Organization – Setting and reaching goals and staying organized

Self-monitoring – Understanding how behaviors impact others

Shift – Adapting to changes in their schedule or routine

Task Management – Assessing the quality of their work and managing time effectively

Working Memory – Recalling important information and being able to follow multiple-step directions.


These are one hour group sessions carried out with maximum 6 children once/twice a week.

To find out more contact us at 63976627 or email to

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