Does your child have or experience problems with?TPC-A3-Posters-General
• Legibility
• Neatness
• Discomfort when writing
• Using Sufficient Pressure
• Speed
• Motivation/Enjoyment
• Increased Frustration and Avoidance during Written Tasks
• Letter Formations, Spacing and Coloring


Watch Me Write Club for Pre-Schoolers Ages 4-5 years
Little Writer’s Club for Ages 6-7 years
I can Write Club for Ages 8-10 years
Champion Writer’s Club 11-12 years

Main Goals of Handwriting Group Sessions:
• To improve handwriting, focusing on words and sentence.
• To promote child’s confidence in performing handwriting task in school as well as at home.
• To improve organizational skills and teach the child easy-to-use classroom strategies that help them in their writing task.

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