Happy Teens Peer Support Group

This program is for older children that need some extra support in making friends and developing more complex peer relationships. This group will also support children that need support with their sensory processing, cognition and visual/motor integration. These areas are foundations for higher-level academics, socialization and big-picture thinking. This program will utilize the floor time model to work on social development and higher levels of logical and abstract thinking that are critical for meaningful relationships.

This group will be facilitated by Principal Occupational Therapist, Niamh Donnelly and Educational Therapist, Sanamjit Kaur.

To find out more, contact us at 6397 6227 or email to niamh.donnelly@thomsonpaeds.com (Niamh Donnelly – Principal Occupational Therapist) and sanamjit.kaur@thomsonpaeds.com (Sanamjit Kaur – Educational Therapist)