June holiday is coming! The Child Development Centre is offering a 4-day (2-hour) fun-filled programme for children (3 – 6 years) with developmental delay.

The theme of this holiday programme is “Play Galore”! It aims to engage participants in game activities with easily available materials around them. Through these games, it is hoped:
To lure the children away from their gaming consoles and handheld devices by introducing them to fun-filled games using simple toys and materials around them.
To develop the different levels of play skills in children – solitary play, parallel play and social play.
To enhance social emotional competencies in children through play activities.

There is a sub-theme for each day:

2 June – The Ball Fan
To explore the different ways of playing with balls of various sizes.

3 June – Target Challenger
To exercise skills of movement, organisation and concentration in interesting target games.

4 June – I, the Builder
To engage in building a dreamland of creativity using blocks, boxes and/or recycled materials.

5 June – The fearless mess-maker
To stimulate the senses and imagination through the exploration of materials of different textures and smell.

We hope all participants will be enriched with more play ideas at the end of each one-day programme.

Venue: Novena Medical Centre #10-06/07
Time: 10:00am to 12:00pm (morning session); 3:00pm to 5:00pm (afternoon session)
Fee: $70 per day per session; Participants are welcome to sign up for all or selected days.

The holiday programme is conducted by the experienced teachers from the early intervention programme.

Call us at 6397 7073 (Monday to Friday) or 6397 6627 (Monday to Saturday)

or email may.chui@healthwaymedical.com for more information and registration.