Let’s Play Together! (4 to 8 Years Old)

This program is designed for children who may have cognitive, attention and/or motor delays. This program will provide continued support in sensory regulation, attention and play skill acquisition. The group will follow the floor time model that encourages spontaneous peer engagement, with adult support to expand on play ideas and emotional regulation.

This program offers an alternative to social thinking, as social thinking teaches social skills by focusing on several elements, including social awareness, social communication, social interaction, social learning and social relatedness. These are a similar skill set that is also addressed using DIR/Floor Time. However, DIR/Floor Time would address these concerns by creating semi-structured problem-solving opportunities that focus on the child’s current developmental capacity, underlying neurological differences that might be interfering with optimum development, and the child’s relational style to know how to pull that child into a shared emotional experience. In this setting, unlike social thinking, the adult does not use Floor Time as a time to teach a skill – the child is the leader of the activity.

This group will be facilitated by Principal Occupational Therapist, Niamh Donnelly and Educational Therapist, Sanamjit Kaur.


To find out more, contact us at 6397 6627 or email to niamh.donnelly@thomsonpaeds.com (Niamh Donnelly – Principal Occupational Therapist) and sanamjit.kaur@thomsonpaeds.com (Sanamjit Kaur – Educational Therapist).