Open! February – April 2012

8 Sessions, Thursday , 04.00 – 05.00 pm

Does your child have:

  • Handwriting difficulties – immature pencil grasp, poorly formed letters, difficulties writing on a line, or poor colouring?
  • Frustration with handwriting tasks in school and at home?
  • A tendency to avoid any task requiring writing or fine motor activities; would prefer outdoor & gym activities?

Join us in our Little Writers’ Club!

Main Goals of Group Handwriting Sessions:

  • To improve handwriting by focusing on letter formation and size consistency
  • To promote the child’s confidence in performing handwriting task in school and at home
  • To improve organisational skills and teach the child easy-to-use classroom strategies that help them in their writing tasks
  • To provide opportunities to work and play in pairs/teams with peers of similar age and level of skills.

Price: $910 for 8 sessions (excluding GST & materials)

Therapist involved:

  • Jaya Mathew (Occupational Therapist)
  • As this is a small group, activities can be modified to suit the individual child’s needs.
  • One of our clinic assistants will be assisting in the group sessions as well.

How Is The Group Conducted?

  • 8 sessions (excluding a compulsory initial consultation with the Occupational Therapist)
  • 4 children in a group
  • Children aged 4.5 to 6
  • Child’s progress will be reviewed after the 8 sessions and parents can then decide if they would like to continue with group sessions”
  • Please note that the last 10 minutes will be used for parent feedback/ discussion

Topics included (one group session per week):


Date (Saturdays)

List of Topics


23 Feb

Foundational Skills: Core Muscles Stability & Proprioception“Magic C” Letters: c o s


1 Mar

Foundational Skills: Shoulder Stability & Pencil Grasp Development“Magic C” Letters: a d g


8 Mar

Visual Motor Skills: Hand-Eye Coordination & Linear ControlLine Letters: l t i j


15 Mar

Visual Perceptual Skills: Spatial JudgmentDiver Letters: r n m h b p


22 Mar

Hand SkillsSlide Letters: v w x y z k


29 Mar

More Handwriting Tips & IdeasLowercase Letters Review


5 Apr

Scissors Skills Development/ ModificationsTricky Letters: u q e f


12 Apr

Organizational SkillsLowercase Letters Final Review

*We are an approved Early Intervention Programme (EIP) registered under the National Council of Social Service (NCSS). Parents will be able to utilise Baby Bonus funds at Child Development Centre.