Musical Thinking Summer Holiday Program

SIMPLE STEPS to Teaching Children how they think. 6-10 years.                

In an era where children are learning academic content earlier than in the past, the ability to creatively problem solve with cognitive flexibility, focused attention and self-control has never been more important. Millions of children face challenges with inattention, impulsivity, cognitive inflexibility and disorganization, yet strategies and solutions are elusive. Musical Thinking is a cognitive empowerment strategy utilizing music, movement and rhythm to teach children how they think and learn, helping them gain better control over their approach to daily tasks and activities related to learning and behavior


The following skills will be targeted during the program:

Working memory – The ability to hold information in mind and use it.

Inhibitory control – The ability to master thoughts and impulses so as to resist temptations, distractions, and habits, and to pause and think before acting.

Cognitive flexibility – The capacity to switch gears and adjust to changing demands, priories, or perspectives.

These are one hour group sessions carried out with maximum 6 children once/twice a week.

To find out more contact us at 63976627 or email to

Niamh Donnelly: Senior Occupational Therapist

Sanamjit Kaur  Educational Therapist