Numbers in The Gym

Children from the ages of 3 to 7 years old presenting with difficulties understanding and comprehending foundational numeracy skills. This program is catered for children with varying developmental and learning needs. The program is held in the gym, utilizing a multisensory approach while developing fundamental pre-requisites for academic learning such as attention. The program is developed by an Occupational Therapist and Educational Therapist. In doing so, this enables the group to encompass a broad spectrum of developmental and academic therapy goals.

The weekly activities would include: –

  • Acquisition of fundamental numeracy/ developmental skills (see table below)
  • Sensory motor structure to encourage consolidation of numeracy components.
  • Role play and play skills to encourage functional application of themes learnt.
  • Bridging of learnt skills to facilitate generalization to school curriculum.
  • Application of motor based learning to facilitate table top activities.



Numeracy Skills

·         Number Recognition – difficulty discriminating colours, shapes & doing puzzles.

·         Sequencing of Numbers – difficulty following instructions, planning movements and following the number line.

·         Writing Numbers – tendency to confuse left and right, difficulty drawing, colouring or copying.

·         Number sense – identifying numbers before and after on a number line.

·         Classroom Skills – restless, slow worker, retaining information.

·         Problem Solving Skills – understanding of numeracy based problems and application to real – life scenarios.

·         Arithmetic Calculations – Addition & Subtraction


Parents and teachers will be given a base line questionnaire before the commencement of program as to further encourage comprehensive profiling of each child.

There will be an on-going assessment of goals and a post-program assessment will be conducted.

10-week program run in the afternoons in groups of 5.


Numbers in the Gym

For further information, please contact –

Niamh Donnelly (Senior Occupational Therapist) –

Sanamjit Kaur (Educational Therapist) –