School Readiness Training for Early Years
• Is your child struggling with attending in school?
• Does your child have difficulty socializing with peers?
• Is your child struggling with academics?
• Is your child’s behaviour impacting upon their overall school performance?
• Does your child benefit from small group settings?
• Does your child benefit from multisensory approaches?
• Does your child benefit from play as a medium to encourage learning?

This program is designed to equip any child in the age group of 3-5 years with appropriate skills and mind set to enter in to the exciting, challenging environment of school. School readiness is more than knowing ABCs and 123s. While this is important, it’s just as important for children to be both physically and emotionally ready. School readiness is arriving at school with the knowledge, skills and physical and emotional health needed to successfully participate. Every child receives his Developmental Profile that provides insight in to the strengths and weaker facets of the child. The program is aimed at developing and enhancing:

. Fine and gross motor skills which facilitates writing skills and abilities to carryout physical activities
· Cognitive abilities which facilitates learning ,comprehension of various subjects and problem solving
· Social skills, Psycho motor skills which facilitates peer relations, appropriate behaviour, emotional adjustments

These are one hour group sessions carried out with maximum 5 children once/twice a week. These sessions will be carried out in a school based setting with access to a sensory motor gym in order to facilitate generalization of skills learnt.

To find out more contact us at 63976627 or email to 

Niamh Donnelly ( Senior Occupational Therapist

Sanamjit Kaur ( Educational Therapist