Mr Monir Yaseen
Occupational Therapist
Master of Occupational Therapy) – Curtin University, Australia
AHPC Registered (Singapore)




Monir is a registered Occupational Therapist under the AHPC in Singapore and was also a registered Occupational Therapist in Australia under AHPRA before moving back to Singapore after his post-graduate training. Monir holds a Master degree in Occupational Therapy. He also has qualifications in counselling/psychology, fitness and nutrition, business, and information technology. Monir made the career switch to become an Occupational Therapist in 2009 to follow his calling and aspirations of having a career in healthcare and to build on his strengths and interest of helping people in need.

Monir has experiences working as an Occupational Therapist in a wide range of speciality and population including physical rehabilitation in the community for adults with orthopaedic, cognitive and neurological issues; for example, people with hand injury, Dementia, Stroke and Parkinson’s Disease. Monir also has experiences working with people with mental illness and psychiatric issues such as people with Anxiety/Depression, Schizophrenia, and Bipolar Disorder to name a few. However, as rewarding as it is working with adults, being a father of a young child himself, Monir’s passion is working with children with special needs. Monir has experiences treating children on the Autism Spectrum, Sensory Integration difficulties, Intellectual/Learning Disability, ADHD/ADD, Cerebral Palsy, and Children with Visual and Hearing Impairments.

In his spare time, Monir enjoys spending time with his family by going to the cinema or going for short trips around the region. Monir is a big sports fan and often during weekends spends time playing and teaching his son a wide variety of sports including, roller hockey, baseball, basketball, gridiron, rugby and martial arts. When time permits, Monir also volunteers and provides counselling services on the Internet, free of charge, to people across the globe.


Practice Address

Thomson Paediatric Centre – The Child Development Centre
10 Sinaran Drive
#09-04 Novena Medical Centre
Singapore 307506
Tel: 6397 6627
Fax: 6397 6701

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