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Ms. Chanzai Aslam
Senior Educational Therapist

Master Degree in Special Education/Dyslexia (University of Southampton, UK),
Diploma (Dyslexia) (Pakistan), BSc Psych (Hon) (University of Sussex, UK)



Chanzai is a British Senior Educational Therapist. She has a BSc (Hon) in Psychology from the University of Sussex UK and a Master Degree in Special Education/Dyslexia from the University of Southampton UK. She also holds a Diploma in Dyslexia from READyslexics (Pakistan). She has over seven years of experience working with children that require varying degrees of support including dyslexia to those with ADHD and autism.

After completing her Bachelor Degree Chanzai moved to Pakistan to work with a special needs institution where she was exposed to children with a number of difficulties. In this role she developed a keen interest in dyslexia while conducting assessments for children. Due to the lack of awareness and limited options available for dyslexic learners she went on to complete a Diploma in Dyslexia from READyslexics (Pakistan) where she gained extensive practical experience through one-on-one teaching. After working for approximately two years, Chanzai completed her Masters in Special Education/Dyslexia from the University of Southampton UK. Upon completion she moved to Singapore to work with a private Special Education group as well as teach dyslexic learners on a one-to one basis.

Chanzai’s experience as an Educational Therapist spans approximately seven years. She has been teaching English and Mathematics to children with learning difficulties from Primary 1 to Primary 6. Her time at work has taught her that every child comes with unique learning difficulties that need to be accommodated in order to attain individual success.

Chanzai firmly believes that Educational therapy is not a one size fits all approach but should focus on the learning process of each child allowing them to learn using their strengths. Chanzai customises individualised programs for each child in order to help in the specific areas of difficulties that have impeded a child’s development. She works with both children in international and MOE-based schools.

Children with learning difficulties need specialised assistance in order to improve academic performance, self-esteem and in most cases address their frustration. If children are given the right tools, they are empowered to reach their maximum learning potential. Chanzai is trained to be creative and use multi-sensory teaching techniques to help children not only benefit from each session but also enjoy each session. She allows children to think outside the box leading to successful learning.

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