Siti Musa
Senior Speech & Language Therapist
Master of Speech Pathology, Australia
AHPC Registered (Singapore)



Siti is a AHPC-registered Speech Therapist from Singapore who is passionate in working with the paediatric population. She was trained in Curtin University of Technology, Australia, School of Psychology and Speech Pathology, and graduated with a Master of Speech Pathology.
Siti has a diverse range of paediatric clinical experiences in Australia as well as in Singapore. In Australia, she has seen children ages 7 to 18 with speech and language delay, articulation difficulties, specific language impairment, phonological difficulties, cerebral palsy, autism, and multiple disabilities from rural and mainstream school settings.

Siti was the only speech therapist at the EIPIC centre for about a year at a non-profit organization where she has worked for 3 years. She was trained under the KKH EIPIC Consultancy Team where she learned about Transdisciplinary and Family-Centered Practice. She is a strong believer in caregiver coaching as it provides children with ample opportunities to learn, practice and succeed. Siti also enjoys teaching children in their natural setting as she believes speech therapy can occur anywhere and at any time in a child’s life. She works closely with caregivers, teachers and other allied health professionals when setting goals and throughout their course of therapy. She has also provided internal workshops for parents, teachers and therapists. She shares strategies with them and also incorporates their strategies in her therapy to provide a holistic intervention for the child. In this non-profit organisation, she has seen children ages 1 to 7 with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Speech and Language Delay, and Multiple disabilities.

Siti is trained in Prompt, Hanen- It Takes Two to Talk, Floortime, PECs Basic and Advanced, and Jolly Phonics. She has also attended Putting the Pieces together- Blending sensory processing intervention with Neuro Developmental Treatment by Kim Barthel, AAC workshop by Rainbow Centre, and Social Thinking by Chithra.

Practice Address

Thomson Paediatric Centre – The Child Development Centre
10 Sinaran Drive
#09-04 Novena Medical Centre
Singapore 307506
Tel: 6397 6627
Fax: 6397 6701