Social Learning Group

Our social learning groups are based on Michelle Garcia’s Social Thinking® intervention program. This is a cognitive behavioural approach that is aimed at teaching the underlying thought process of social behaviours which allows the child to be flexible social thinkers and modify their behaviours according to social situations. This builds up the child’s theory of mind and perspective taking skills, which are foundational skills required for social development.

This program uses a thought-based approach, it is targeted at intellectually advanced children who have well-developed verbal skills and cognitive abilities but have difficulty managing social situations such as participating in groups, displaying peer-directed cooperative/collaborative play, and perspective taking. An initial social skills assessment is required for suitability into the program.

In the social learning groups, children will be explicitly taught basic social thinking vocabulary concepts using developmentally appropriate activities such as story time, play, and songs for the younger children and group discussion and role-playing activities for older children/teenagers. Parents feedback will be provided after each session to equip parents with similar social thinking vocabulary concepts to support the generalisation of skills in different settings.


Program details:

• Compulsory initial social skills assessment

• Age range: 3 – 18 years old (children will be grouped according to similar goals and needs)

• 10 sessions (including pre and post social skills evaluation)

• Session Length: 1 hour

• Group size: Minimum of 2 children and maximum of 4 children

• Run by: Ms Eliza Leong (Educational and Developmental Psychologist)


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